Bobby Brown’s Sister Releasing Free Tell-All Book About Whitney Houston’s Alleged Murder & How Singer’s Wife Only Wants To Make Money Off Bobbi Kristina’s Name

Bobby Brown’s Sister Releasing Free Tell-All Book About Whitney Houston’s Alleged Murdered & How Singer’s Wife Only Wants To Make Money Off Bobbi Kristina’s Name

Bobby Brown’s recent lawsuit hit the media this week, and his sister is responding to the details of the suit indirectly. Brown and his daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s estate filed a lawsuit against Showtime Networks, BBC, and the producers of an upcoming Whitney Houston documentary titled “Can I Be Me?” The documentary in question allegedly contains never before seen 15-year-old footage of Brown and Bobbi Kristina, but the pair never consented for the producers to use it.

Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston

While the wheel begins to spin on the $2 million suit, Leolah Brown Muhammad, Bobby Brown’s sister, is coming forward with countering claims about the lawsuit and Bobbi Kristina’s estate. Muhammad opened her Facebook app on Wednesday (Nov. 28) and went on an exposing rant, claiming Bobby doesn’t own his Bobbi Kristina’s Serenity House. While adding Bobby’s wife, Alicia Etheredge, owns it, and only wants money off the late Bobbi Kristina – on top of her not valuing Bobbi Kristina’s life when was still alive.

Muhammad claims she has a book on the way and plans on giving it out for free. She says the book will contain sensitive information surrounding the life of Bobbi Kristina and Whitney Houston, and alleges the things in the media are not 100% true; alluding to Whitney’s cause of death being murder.

…And Alicia is literally the whole dam reason my niece could never even spend 2 minutes with her father after her mother was murdered! I don’t know what’s wrong with my brother! They got him SO MESSED UP! Man they came straight in my family with all this conquer & divide madness.. But y’all just hold on I had a big meeting tonight… We just got done.. I’m coming for all and any! If they don’t like it too dam bad! I’m only concerned with Bobbi Kristina Brown and Whitney Houston! Hell they don’t have their lives anymore because of these dam demonic people!

While she has yet to share a date for her alleged tell-all, she plans on launching a YouTube channel and going Live on social media to speak further into her allegations. Thursday, she extended on why she plans on coming forward,

Me & my assistant spent the last few weeks doing what it is we are doing…but the closer we get to giving you guys this book and doing what I am doing I find myself weeping because of the evil in this world! I wasn’t born into this world to be a FAKE or PHONY person! I refuse to be! But, at the same time, It’s hard being me! It’s really hard when your really a good hearted person and love to just spread good ..but HAVE TO tell you all what really happened to my sister and niece and it ain’t fun doing it! I literally hate the fact that I HAVE TO TELL IT! And it has to be me! Because, if I don’t do it no one else will! And Whitney & Bobbi Kristina is making sure that I do not sleep until I reveal this stuff! I am SO TIRED OF EVEN TALKING ABOUT THIS STUFF! I WANT TO MOVE ON IN MY LIFE BUT I CAN’T! AND I WONT UNTIL IT’S DONE!

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Authored by: Andre Palmer