Alexis Skyy Wants Fetty Wap To Take Paternity Test, Denies Solo Lucci Is Child’s Father + Reveals Daughter Was On Medicaid

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Alexis Skyy Wants Fetty Wap To Take Paternity Test, Denies Solo Lucci Is Child’s Father + Reveals Daughter Was On Medicaid

It seems like reality star Alexis Skyy is having a pressing time proving Fetty Wap is the father to her child Alaiya Grace. Skyy was a previous cast member on “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood,” but traded in the sunny winter’s for the blistering cold as she moved to New York to join the cast of “Love & Hip-Hop New York.” While she’s attempting to form a relationship with the potential father and daughter, she’s been receiving backlash about “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood”’s Solo Lucci being the father to the premature baby.

Skyy took to Instagram to inform the public about how she’s inquired about Solo Lucci to take a paternity test on multiple occasions. The message read,

I’ve asked Solo Lucci to come take this fu*king DNA test multiple times to put this rumor to rest. But of course the only way he’s willing to do so, is if it’s a scene for LHH involved. It’s really sad & annoying AF that i even have to go out of my way to prove to anyone what I’ve done with my own pu**y!!!!! Solo knows got d*mn well I wasn’t involved with him for months prior to me getting pregnant. This is my exact reason for saying he does this for clout. When i contract him behind the scene to come and take the test to shut these rumors down, he bullsh*ts.

Fetty Wap, Alexis Skyy


And I’m so f**king tired of everyone saying my daughter looks anything like him…my daughter suffers from hydrocephalus, a brain bleed, which causes her head to swell, making her head shape the way it is!! That’s the ONLY reason ppl continue to run with this bum a** story!!! My daughter looks NOTHING like him in the face!!!

During Monday’s episode, Skyy shared how she’s asked the “Trap Queen” raper to take a paternity test on multiple occasions, but he still hasn’t. She also said, although he rushed her to the hospital and stayed with her during the birth, he never signed the birth certificate.

In addition to attempting to solidify a father figure in her child’s life, she shared her child’s medicaid did not transfer from the state of Georgia to New York. Social media had a field day with the remark, and questioned how Skyy could drench her body in “designer” labels, but on an income-based Government assistant program.

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Authored by: Andre Palmer