Cardi B Secures A Bag Instead Of Arguing In Court

Cardi B Secures A Bag Instead Of Arguing In Court

Cardi B has managed to irritate the bartending sisters, Baddie Gi and Jade, who are suing the rapper over an August bar brawl. On Monday (Dec. 3), reports were released stating Cardi was absent in court, and received a stern warning from the judge for truancy.

Other reports detail, in conjunction with, various photos/videos surfacing online of Cardi in Miami, for what is expected to be a music video shoot for the City Girls single “Twerk–” which she’s featured on. The lawyer for the sister’s, Joe Tacopina, released a statement about the rapper missing court claiming the sisters were

Very angry.


She decided not to show up for court because it was more important to take photos in a bikini in Miami. If any other defendant did that there would be a warrant issued for their arrest immediately. [Alluding to her absence as] showing that she thinks what she did is a joke instead of the crime that it is.

The sisters were also recently featured in Nicki Minaj‘s “Good Form” video. Minaj and Cardi settled their longstanding beef in October.

The rapper, who recently announced her split from Offset, is expected to be due in court on Friday (Dec. 7).

Authored by: Andre Palmer