Nas Is Furious At Kelis For Moving His Son Out Of The Country [Custody Wars]

Nas, Kelis

Nas Is Furious At Kelis For Moving His Son Out Of The Country [Custody Wars]

Another day, another chapter in the ongoing custody saga of legendary rapper/mogul Nas and his ex-wife, former recording artist Kelis. The former couple have been back and forth on the custody of their son for almost a decade and things have yet to become amicable between the two or reach any type of middle ground. The latest entry in the drama involves Kelis planning to move out of the country with their son, Knight.

When Nas and Kelis married back in 2005, music fans swooned as they viewed the pair as the ultimate power couple. Fast forward to four years later in 2009, and the Kelis filed for divorce just before she was set to give birth to their first (and only) child together, 9-year-old son Knight. Since then, there has been a routine back and forth between the two as far as joint custody is concerned.


Nas has claimed for years that Kelis makes it incredibly difficult for him to see his son, despite him trying continuously to a be a regular part of his life. Based on new reports, he may be telling the truth, as he says Kelis is planning to move out of the country to Colombia…and taking Knight with her.

Reportedly, Kelis has decided to become a full-time farmer in Colombia and she wants to take Knight with her. However, Nas says it violates their current custody agreement. It doesn’t end there, Nas also states that Kelis has already taken Knight to Colombia without letting him know. He claims he was supposed to have his son on New Year’s Eve, but at the last minute Kelis texted him to say the plan had changed. He also revealed that she didn’t come back to the U.S. until January 14.


The biggest issue, however, is that Nas says Kelis informed him she and her new husband bought a new farm in Colombia and they plan to live there permanently. Nas says she’s already removed Knight from his private school in L.A. and she currently homeschools him in Colombia.

According to the terms of their custody agreement, moving Knight to Colombia is a major violation, especially since Kelis neglected to provide the required information about the international travel.

The court documents also revealed that Nas was denied his agreed upon time with Knight last year on Father’s Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving, holidays that Knight is supposed to spend with his Dad on even-numbered years. Nas is requesting that the judge find Kelis in contempt of court for the multiple violations.

Tell us, What do you think of all the Nas and Kelis custody drama? Does Nas have a right to be upset about Kelis moving his son to Colombia? Let us know in the comment.

By Danielle Jennings

Authored by: TJB Writer