Ice T Explains Why He Called A Woman A B*tch

Ice T

Ice T Explains Why He Called A Woman A B*tch

Ice T hastily defended himself to a critic on Twitter Friday, clarifying who he considers a b*tch. The rapper turned actor tweeted a Twitter user who was bashing celebrities for being disengaged with the world around them. The social media user wrote,

Oh Lawd. Is this really how celebrities act and think. I’ve never seen more self-centered people in my entire life. Gangsters aren’t gangsters anymore. @kanyewest showing his hand on Twitter. @FINALLEVEL [Ice T] needs to be a bit more humble, there’s a lot more to life than money.

Ice asked,

Somebody please explain to me what this B*tch is talking about?

Following up with another tweet,

For the record. I don’t call women B*tches.. I call B*tches B*tches…

The Twitter user replied to Ice’s b*tch tweet,

What does b*tch is talking about is every time I get a notification from you which I do quite often it’s about money or what you’re about to do. You have a beautiful daughter and a beautiful wife, take some time enjoy life a little. Quit stressing over money. You’ve made already.

Ice then said,

Eat A Hot Bowl Of D*cks

He defended his responses later by establishing an offense disclaimer,

If I happen to OFFEND you in any way on Twitter. PLEASE Unfollow…. It’s that simple.

Check out a few more excerpts from the exchange below.


Authored by: Andre Palmer