Lee Daniels Snags New Series ‘Star’ + Announces: Empire Will Have A Spin-Off!

Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels

Creator, director, writer and producer, Lee Daniels is doing it all. After excelling at directing and producing award winning films like Monster’s Ball, Precious and The Butler, Daniels tried his hand on a television series with FOX, ‘Empire’ – and excelled at that, too!

Stamped as broadcast’s new number one show, Daniels and FOX TV developed a great partnership when ‘Empire’ burst onto the scene in early 2015. The viewership grew each week creating an unstoppable buzz between viewers and social media, with a whopping average of more than 17 million viewers. Why not keep the momentum going, right?

Lee Daniels, Paula Patton

Lee Daniels, Paula Patton

FOX and Lee are in current development of a music-themed series, centered on a girl band, simply called, ‘Star’. According to Variety, FOX executives, Dana Walden and Gary Newman, shared the premise of the show:

On Thursday, Fox bosses Dana Walden and Gary Newman offered up details on the upcoming show, which explores the cutthroat music scene and asks the question, what do you do to rise to the top? Explaining that Daniels “talks a lot about everything from ‘Dreamgirls’ to modern-day girl groups that are manufactured, they are put together, they don’t have an organic reason to be together,” Walden said. “That setup lends to a great soap operatic storytelling machine.


The question arises–will Empire and Star essentially be the same type of show? Per Walden, here are the differences between the two shows,

It is modern-day music music in Atlanta and ‘Empire’ is modern-day music business in New York,” Walden said. “It’s not inconceivable that the two shows can cross.

 Check out Daniel’s Instagram post on his newest venture:

Lee Daniels Instagram Post-2015-The Jasmine Brand

Casting for the show is still in development.

empire-fox upfront 2015-the jasmine brand

And in other Lee Daniels news, the co-creator revealed that there will be an Empire spin-off. Sharing the news this week at the Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour, he shared:  

Without question there will be a spinoff. We talked about it in the room already.

P.S. What are your thoughts on a Empire spin-off? [Variety, Associated Press]

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