Former Alleged Drummer For Luther Vandross & Beyonce Charged W/ Sexual Servitude After Woman Comes Forward

Ivan Hampden Jr.

Former Drummer For Luther Vandross & Beyoncé Charged W/ Sexual Servitude After Woman Comes Forward

Ivan Hampden Jr. is being held at a detention center in North Carolina on a $200,000 bond, after holding an adult student at his music school in sexual servitude for over fours years. Hampden owns Hamptown Music Institute and operates out of the business in downtown Clayton, NC. The 58-year-old victim was taking singing lessons at the business, and was promised a career in 2014.

Over the course of the last four years, once the woman’s singing lessons were over, Hampden would tie up the victim in a back room, record himself performing multiple sex acts on her, and would later send them to the victim. The woman decided to come forward after she told a family member, and they helped her.

Investigators have confiscated computers and evidence which corroborate with the victim’s accusations. Police chief Blair Myhand stated,

There was some sort of manipulation that allowed these crimes to continue on for a lengthy point in time.

Police are asking if any other victims have encountered Hampden to come forward, but at this time, there is no evidence which shows there are. Myhand also confirmed the sex was non-consensual. Hampden, 60, is being charged with five counts sexual servitude and seven felonies for disseminating obscenity.

Throughout his career, Hampden has worked with Diana Ross, The Temptations, Luther Vandross, and Beyoncé.

Authored by: Andre Palmer