Jermaine Dupri – I’m Not Disrespecting Black Race By Doing Super Bowl! 

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Jermaine Dupri – I’m Not Disrespecting Black Race By Doing Super Bowl!

So So Def producer Jermaine Dupri has responded to criticism he’s been receiving since it was announced he would be participating with Super Bowl LIII (53). He sent out a tweet detailing his frustrations,

Ok let’s get this straight, all y’all hitting me talking bout I’m disrespecting black race by being involved with activities during super bowl need to include all your other favorite artist as well, because every club has a artist, every corporate party has a artist

He later shared the tweet on his Instagram account, attaching the caption,

FOH!! I’m not your scape [goat emoji]

He also responded to a couple of critics who weighed in on his opinion. One user shared,

Bruh, just admit that you need the money and keep it pushing. No need to blame other artists for your decision.

Dupri responded,

You n*ggas really don’t understand my relationship with my city, sh*t ain’t got nothing to do with money

Another user chimed in,

This post doesn’t make sense. What do clubs have to do with the NFL colluding against Kap? You’re taking the money which is your right. Your decision is yours. Let’s not get it twisted tho ‘Money is a thang!’

Dupri carefully replied,

Atlanta is a thing.

Dupri was tapped to produce a “Welcome to Atlanta” series of free concerts before the kick off in February 2019. Dupri will be working with the NFL to help set up multiple family friendly free live events which will be held in Centennial Olympic Park.

What do you think Jermaine’s reas for participating in the Super Bowl? Let us know the comments. 

Authored by: Andre Palmer