‘Family Matters’ Star Drags Wendy Williams: “I Heard Your Husband Got His Mistress Pregnant!”

‘Family Matters’ Star Drags Wendy Williams: “I Heard Your Husband Got His Mistress Pregnant!”

Maxine is back with a vengeance. Actress Cherie Johnson – also known as Maxine from the 90s sitcom “Family Matters” – has a harsh word for talk show diva Wendy Williams. Apparently, Cherie
has her own blog called, “Advice For My Sistas,” and she thinks Wendy needs all the advice she can get – considering the rumored infidelity from her husband/business partner, Kevin Hunter. Cherie addressed Wendy in an Instagram video. She said:

“This is my last aint-sh*t, talkin’ sh*t post of 2018. Hey Wendy, I heard that your husband got his mistress pregnant for the second time and you about to play stepmama again. Now, it seems like Kevin got that super-sperm. How come you ain’t gettin’ pregnant? Oh, that’s right. How you doin’, William? Karma’s a b*tch. You need to leave people alone in 2019. Find Jesus. Be a nicer person.”

Her caption was even more shocking. Cherie Johnson insinuated that Wendy Williams is a battered woman. She typed:

“@cheriejohnson75 How’s that arm doing @wendyshow so I heard it was domestic Violence?? Don’t worry Step mother you matter too…. #Karma #adviceformysistas #Adviceformysistablog”

But she didn’t stop there. Cherie continued to drag Wendy in the comment section, hinting at a longstanding feud with the former radio villain. Cherie replied to fans:

“she probably blocked me by now she’s known 20 years I don’t f*ck with her!”

She continued, hinting at a fight:

“she’s always been mean and mad and made a living off it and use to hide at the radio station so she ain’t get her a** whooped”

Oop! Do Cherie Johnson and Wendy Williams really have a longstanding beef, or does Cherie want publicity? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay