Apollo Nida’s Finacée Defends Their Relationship After Jail Visit

Sherien Almufti, Apollo Nida

Apollo Nida’s Finacée Sherien Almufti Defends Their Relationship

While Apollo Nida could be defending his relationship with fiancée Sherien Almufti in prison, Almufti is having to combat naysayers on the other side of those barbed wired walls. Almufti recently shared a photo of her and Nida from a visit and a critic responded to the image,

Girl you better watch love after lock up it usually don’t work once they get out

Almufti replied,

It usually don’t when you meet at the club or church too…foh #negativenancy

Nida was sentenced eight years to prison in 2014 after pleading guilty to bank fraud and identity theft charges. He and his fiancée became engaged in 2016. Nida was previously married to Phaedra Parks. Nida and Parks share two children, Ayden, 6, and Dylan, 3.

Authored by: Andre Palmer