Michael Jackson’s Nephew Wants To Make Doc Exposing Media’s Agenda To Create False Stories About Late Singer

Michael Jackson

 Michael Jackson’s Nephew Wants To Make Doc Exposing Media’s Agenda To Create False Stories About Late Singer

Jermaine Jackson isn’t the only Jackson coming to Michael’s defense. In lieu of the shocking “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary, the Sundance Film Festival recently announced its plans to debut “Leaving Neverland” – a documentary exposing the stories of two boys who were allegedly sexually abused by Michael Jackson.

The Jackson family has an answer to that. Michael’s nephew, Taj Jackson, says he’s interested in making a documentary exposing the media’s agenda to keep negative stories about his legendary uncle running. Twitter user @Lachlan95m initiated the conversation:

“How about a doco which shines a spotlight on Sneddon planting fingerprint evidence? Harvey Weinstein peddling fake MJ stories to take the heat off his own sex abuse? Evan Chandler plotting to get money? Janet Arvizo and JCPenny? Where’s THAT documentary #StopLeavingNeverlandNOW”

Taj responded:

“I want to make that documentary but I need everyone’s support. Enough is enough.”

He continued:

“There are so many great journalists in the MJ fam. Unfortunately mainstream media makes more money off false stories and rumors about MJ. This won’t go away until we expose the lies and squash the rumors.”

Taj Jackson says making this documentary will take more funding than he can do alone.

“Looking into starting a funding page for this MJ doc. I never wanted to do this because I know the media will have a field day with a Jackson asking for money. But to do it right and timely, it will unfortunately take funding…Obviously being silent doesn’t work. I’m not letting my daughter grow up with these lies…I don’t want to make “a” documentary. I want to make “the” documentary that ends all this nonsense. I’m flattered you think I can self fund this.”

Michael’s older brother, Jermaine Jackson, issued a statement on his official Facebook page about his hopes to stop “Leaving Neverland” from airing.

Do you think the Jackson family will be able to successfully defend Michael Jackson’s legacy with a documentary?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay