Moniece Slaughter Wants No Communication W/ Baby Daddy Lil Fizz – I’m Tired Of Being Disrespected

Moniece Slaughter Wants No Communication W/ Baby Daddy – I’m Tired Of Being Disrespected

Moniece Slaughter has announced the type of relationship she wants to have with her child’s father, Lil’ Fizz. The two “Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood” (LHHH) reality stars share a nine year-old son named Kameron and have recorded their shaky relationship for national television over the past few years.

While the end of LHHH season five showed the two co-parents seemingly on a good track, their relationship took a turn after Fizz’s alleged girlfriend Apryl Jones publicly stated she would beat up Slaughter.

Slaughter shared on Instagram Live why she wanted to take Fizz to court and what she plans to resolve using mediation.

I’m hoping that to be able to, basically, how do I say this? I’m hoping that a mediation, I can…get…I really don’t know how to say it. I’m hoping I can get an agreement where he and I don’t have to communicate where on holidays, there’s we have somebody else exchange Cam, so we don’t have to interact. I can also have certain people restricted from being around him. People that are on the Internet saying they’re going to beat my ass or things like that shouldn’t be allowed to be around my son. I’m hoping that we can just agree to that, because that’s not something he has to deal with Cameron’s with me. So, Drew’s never had to deal with anyone I’ve dated or any of my friends, taking to the Internet, threatening him; whether the threats are valid or not, whether the people making the threats are capable or not. He’s never been in that position and he never will be. Because I’ve never allowed it and I never will. No matter how I feel about him personally, that’s still my child’s father. Nobody is going to be able to come into my life and disrespect him privately, to me, or two, disrespect him publicly. Cause you possibly give a shit about my son if that’s the kind of shit you’re on. I make sure he’s never in that position, and he’s never protected me the same. So, If I can’t get him to do it on his own, Cam’s 9 now, and I’ve never received that respect. One way or another I’m going to get it.

I have receipts on receipts on receipts. So, it would be in his best interest to cooperate a mediation, cause if we go to trial, then it’s really out of our hands at that point. Meditation is where we get the chance to cooperate with each other. Trial is where I present the facts and the judge makes a decision and it’s irrefutable at that point. So, that’s not what I want.

Authored by: Andre Palmer