Cory Booker Plans To Announce Run For President In 2020

Cory Booker

Cory Booker Plans to Announce Run For President In 2020

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is eyeing for the Presidential spot in 2020. As other potential Democratic candidates like Kamala Harris announce their plans to compete against Donald Trump; Booker has yet to give an official word but reports claim he’s leaning towards a yes.

According to sources,

A lawyer invited him [Booker] to visit her firm and he replied, ‘You only want me now that I’m about to run for president.’ It seems like he’s going to announce soon.

During Booker’s swing-through visits in the South, leading into the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, he shared his feelings towards running for President,

I think we need leaders that understand that we have to enter this time in America to lead with love. We cannot let individuals we disagree with be the center of our purpose. The center of our purpose has to be the great ideals of this country that are just not real for more and more Americans. So, that’s what my focus is.

Booker has been given a push for the Presidential slot from Civil Rights Movement icon John Lewis, former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus Cedric Richmond, and former President Jimmy Carter, and while Booker says he’s shocked by their minor endorsements he has affirmed,

I’m not that far from making a decision myself.

At 29, Booker was elected into Newark City Council, in 2006 he was elected New Jersey’s mayor for more than seven years, and in 2013, Booker was elected New Jersey Senate and re-elected in 2014 for a full six-year term.

Before Booker makes a decision to make to run for President, the speculation to who would be his First Lady is still in the air considering he’s been linked to two different women in the past six months.

In October 2018, Booker was said to be dating executive director of the Council of Urban Professionals and mother of two, Chanda Gibson. They met during Booker’s campaign for mayor of Newark, NJ and have reportedly been dating off and on for years.

Rosairo Dawson, Cory Booker

While just earlier this month, Booker was spotted at the movies with actress Rosairo Dawson.

Authored by: Andre Palmer