Singer Tweet Slams New Age R&B – It’s A Broken Record, My Ears Bleed


Singer Tweet Slams New Age R&B – It’s A Broken Record, My Ears Bleed

Singer Tweet (real name Charlene Keys) has mixed emotions when it comes to new age R&B. The 48-year-old singer echoed these sentiments in BET’s ‘Finding‘. She mentions she is a fan of “some,” new bops although, the Southern Hummingbird lets the shade fly on how she really feeling about the new class R&B. Tweet says,

“This new age R&B is nothing but sampled, old R&B. So it’s no way it could be dead. I like some of it, but at some point, all of the music is starting to sounds the same.”

She continues,

“It’s like a broken record, and like I can’t, my ears bleed it’s like someone feeding you Burger King everyday, don’t you get tired of McDonald’s everyday, like I want a variety. Like back in the day we have a gumbo full of artist. We had Prince, we had Michael Jackson, we had wh…, it was different things, everyone is on this one track mind. Everything sounds the same.”

Tweet says she enjoys the sounds and harmonies of being a background singer instead of taking the lead as a solo artist.

“I never wanted to be a lead singer, I never wanted that. I always loved the harmonies and blinds and things like that. So that’s what my craft was. I don’t mind helping people out. Take the lead, child!”

The Southern Hummingbird, who is hit song in 2002 “Oops (Oh, My),” entered the top 10 on the Billboard 100 continued her R&B career working with top artist as Missy Elliot, DMX, Trina, and Monica. As previously reported, in 2017, she was hospitalized after suffering from blood clots in both lungs and her right arm.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette