Kanye Is “Never Wearing” His MAGA Hat Again, According To Close Friend/Rapper

Kanye Is “Never Wearing” His MAGA Hat Again, According To Close Friend/Rapper

Rapper/producer/designer Kanye West made headlines when he initially voiced his support for Donald Trump’s presidency, leaving many longtime fans scratching their heads in disbelief that he would support someone that some believe is divisive. Well, West is never one to do what others think he should and he took his pro-Trump stance even further by donning a MAGA hat. Now, one of West’s oldest and closest friends reveals that the MAGA hat days are behind Yeezy for good.

Chicago rapper GLC is one of Kanye West’s oldest friends and collaborated with the rapper throughout the years. He recently appeared on the The Red Pill Podcast where he discussed West and the MAGA hat controversy.

He revealed that he had a serious conversation with West and that he promised never to wear the hat again:

“[Kanye] actually gave me the boxes of the hats. He said, ‘I’m never wearing these again.’ We had a conversation, and I explained it to him, you know, the hurt that was attached to it, and he said he’d never do it again. And that’s the word that he gave me.”

GLC also stated that while many were hurt, confused and just plain furious over West rocking the MAGA hat and supporting Trump, it had some positive aspects to it as well, like freeing former inmate Alice Johnson:

“[Kanye] was like, ‘Bro, I’m just tellin’ you that we got that amazing woman out of jail in Florida, right? […] We didn’t really get to have that meeting until I put the hat on.’ So he lookin’ at like it as, more so, ‘OK, I wear the hat, I get the stones thrown at me, I’ll have people hating me, but people gonna get free.”

If you’ll recall, West revealed his prior reasons for wearing the hat and what it represents to him:

“Me putting the hat on forces an evolution. Even for me, I’ve learned so much more in the past few days because I’m getting this energy, positively or negatively, agreeing with me, disagreeing with me… When I wear that hat, it’s like a fight for equality. Like, ‘Oh, I can wear this hat, too.’”

 Just last month he announced on Twitter why he wears the hat:

“One of my favorite of many things about what the Trump hat represents to me is that people can’t tell me what to do because I’m black.”


It appears that West, who is currently putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming album YANDHI, is back to his roots lately. He was recently seen collaborating with past affiliates like GLC and Dame Dash and has also started a regular Sunday Service series where he, along with a full choir, performs his hits along with others like Stevie Wonder and Mary J. Blige.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings