Offset Shares Footage of Cardi B Screaming In Agony During Labor [VIDEO] 

Offset Shares Footage of Cardi B Screaming In Agony During Labor [VIDEO]

While Cardi B was definitely moving forward with her career while she was pregnant with daughter Kulture, she and husband Offset kept the actual birth a secret…until now. Just as she made history as the first female rap artist to win the Grammy for Best Rap Album, Offset decided to finally share with the world Cardi’s delivery room footage.

The 2019 Grammys were full of surprises for Cardi B, she took home her first Grammy, hit the stage with a performance that was well-received and heard her young daughter Kulture say “Mama” for the first time. She also used the Grammys to officially let the public know that she has reconciled with her previously estranged hubby Offset, as the couple walked the red carpet together and displayed their fair amount of PDA.

Offset clearly must have been feeling overwhelmed with love for his family because he took to his Instagram page to share the first footage ever released to the public of Cardi in the delivery room giving birth to Kulture. The video is apparently promo for his album and documentary set to drop on February 22nd.

In the video, Cardi is seen in the birthing position, screaming and doing her breathing exercises, as Offset is at times by her side and standing out of the way, while doctors’ coach Cardi through the process.

You can check out the video of Cardi B in labor BELOW:

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A L B U M & D O C C O M I N G 2/ 22/19

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What do you think of Offset sharing Cardi’s delivery video? Are you looking forward to his new album and documentary?

Authored by: Danielle Jennings