Terry Crews Accuses Publication Of Blackmail

Terry Crews Accuses News Publication of Blackmail

Terry Crews has made it clear the with his displeasure of American Media Inc. (AMI).

Terry Crews

In a quoted tweet of Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, accusing AMI owner of attempting to blackmail him, Crews offered supporting claims about being blackmailed by AMI too. In a tweet on Friday, he wrote:

This same company, AMI, tried to silence me in my lawsuit against and Adam Venit by fabricating stories of me with prostitutes— and even went so far as creating fake receipts. I called their bluff by releasing their threats online. They blinked.

In 2018, Crews shared a screenshot of the threats he received via email. Check it out below.

Crews filed a lawsuit against Adam Venit and WME after being a victim of sexual assault in 2016. He settled the suit in September 2018. AMI is the same organization which runs and owns publications like Radar Online, National Enquier, Star, InTouch, US Weekly, National Examiner, National Enquirer, and Men’s Journal to name a few.

Authored by: Andre Palmer