Kirk Franklin’s Daughter Sounds Off On Troll Insulting His ‘Contoured’ Cheeks

Kirk Franklin’s Daughter Sounds Off On Troll Insulting His ‘Contoured’ Cheeks

Kirk Franklin’s youngest daughter, Kennedy Franklin, snapped at a fan who made fun of her iconic father’s appearance during Chance The Rapper’s wedding. He married his longtime girlfriend, Kirsten Corley, at Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, California over the weekend.

The groom posted a photo of himself standing with Kirk, Kanye West, Dave Chappelle and his father. One fan couldn’t help but share his thoughts on how Kirk looked in the snapshot.

Kirk Franklin’s cheeks are contoured sharper than the nails used to hang Jesus on the cross.”

He might be saying it in good fun, but Kennedy, made it clear she didn’t come to play.

“Y’all love talking bout Kanye and my daddy but didn’t even get an invite to the wedding. CANT EVEN GET IN!!! NOT EVEN THOUGHT OF NOR ABOUT. But like my dad said.. to whom much is given much is required.. lol people will talk in the comfort of their homes regardless of who you are.. just means you’re doing something right.”

That wasn’t enough to scare off the extra vocal fan as he posted a screenshot of Kennedy confronting him in his DMs. He wrote:

“Someone come and get Kirk’s daughter out of my DMs.”

She reminded him he wasn’t even invited to the wedding, but he didn’t seem to care and threw another jab.

“Where was your invite to the wedding?”

“Girl, me not being invited to the wedding of nigga I don’t even know, does not change the fact that your father’s cheeks appear to be highlighted more than a English literature text book”

Kennedy wasn’t finished yet.

“Lmaooo you too cute you feel special huh… chasing rt and favs isn’t gonna get you anywhere”

Kirk has yet to respond to the criticism about his appearance. But at this point, he doesn’t even have to.

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