Actor Bill Bellamy Jokingly Tells Will Smith – F**k You, With Your Rich A**! [VIDEO]

Actor Bill Bellamy Jokingly Tells Will Smith – F**k You, With Your Rich A**! [VIDEO]

Actor and comedian Bill Bellamy has a message for Will Smith and his Bucket List Challenge. On Friday, Bellamy shares his thoughts on following Smith on social media while coming to the conclusion he isn’t able to keep up with any of Smiths’ challenges. Bellamy jokingly says in an Instagram video,

“All I gotta say is, f*ck Will Smith, okay. I don’t give a… You know what, first of all. I follow Will Smith for 2 hours and realized I haven’t done sh*t with my life in 30 years, okay.”

The comedian continues his roast of Smith,

“Who told him to come up with this bucket list? Can’t nobody do that sh*t Will, okay! With your rich a**. Always out here inspiring people. I almost committed suicide twice yesterday just trying to figure out how to say Mitsubishi.. Mitsubishuuu… Or whatever the hell you was up high in the air doing stuff for your birthday and stuff man. C’mo bruh!

He continues,

“I’m out here just trying to live Will, regular life man. Trying do stuff real dudes do, man. It’s just hard following Will, man. On everything. Can’t follow Will everyday or you feel depressed, bro. For real, for real.”

Fellow comedian, Mike Epps chimes in on Bellamy’s rant to Smith. Epps says Smith hasn’t had a stand-up show at the famous comedy club Bellamy host shows in New Jersey.

“He never been 2 the pepper mint lounge.”

Bellmay replies,


In 2016, theJasmineBRAND exclusively spoke with Bellamy how having longevity in the comedian industry over the years. The comic told us,

“Ummmm…..Shea butter. (laughs) You gotta have Shea butter, that is the key. People walk right by Shea butter and get the lotion. You gotta have Shea butter! No—we just work, hard work. I always keep the energy there, I’m very passionate, I wanna make y’all laugh, I want y’all to have a good time and that’s been my secret. Like really try to entertain people. So I pick my projects wisely and when I do it, I do it.”

You can check Will Smith in the remake of Disney’s ‘Aladdin,’  see trailer below:

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Authored by: Gregory Molette