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Birdman Addresses Toni Braxton Break-Up Rumors [VIDEO]


Toni Braxton, Birdman

Birman Addresses Toni Braxton Break-Up Rumors [VIDEO]

Cash Money co-founder, Birdman (real name Bryan Brooks) is opening up (partially) about his current relationship status with legendary R&B singer Toni Braxton. During a recent appearance on Wendy Show, Birdman was asked about Braxton’s alleged financial struggles. To this, he responded:

“If she had or will have any problems, I have enough money were she’ll never have a problem.”

When Williams asked about Toni’s current relationship status, alluding to her allegedly being single, the rapper replied,

“Where did you get that from? Social media I guess. Me personally, I’ve never been a man that put no energy into social media.”

On if the couple had a lovers quarrel.

“It was fake. I don’t know how this sh*t took place but for real, I would never be a man to bring none of my business to social media.”

Breakup rumors first sparked when Birdman posted—then deleted—an Instagram Story that read

“It’s over…”

As previously reported, Braxton lost her $5 million engagement ring from the rap mogul at the airport. According to Birdman, the Grammy award winning singer was always honest with the situation and they quickly moved on from the events. He says Toni told him about the ring a week later.

“She told me like a week later. She’s so G. That’s what I like about her. She’s so genuine. She keeps it 100 with me. It was in her luggage or something, at the airport, and the bag was left and the ring went missing.”

In February, the Cash Money founder posted a photo of the pair on social media. In the image, the pair are sitting next to each other, with Birdman’s arm draped around Toni. Birdman captions the post,


Check out Birman’s interview here:

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Authored by: Gregory Molette