Wendy Williams Refuses Hug From Fan On Talk Show [VIDEO]

Wendy Williams Awkwardly Refuses Hug From Fan On Talk Show [VIDEO]

Wendy Williams is having one of the roughest bouts Hollywood has seen in a while. With her health issues, addiction struggles, months away from her self-titled talk show and rumors steadily piling up about her husband’s alleged infidelity (and alleged outside child)—Williams has more drama surrounding her than any of the celebrities she reports on. Which may be why a clip of her on the set of her new talk show has gone viral.

Wendy has only been back on her daytime talk show for a month (she’s set to leave again in the beginning of April,) but in that short time, her personal life has set off a media firestorm. However, her fans and audience members of the show, love her no matter what.

During a recent taping of the Wendy Williams Show, Williams was passing out t-shirts to the audience when an excited fan who was holding back tears, rushed downstage to give Williams a hug. The talk show host refused to hug her, telling her “no hugging” while putting distance between them.

You can check out a video of the awkward encounter BELOW:

It’s important to note, Wendy has always told viewers that she isn’t a fan of hugging because of potential germs.

Authored by: Danielle Jennings