Was Meagan Good’s Dress Too Sexy For A Married Christian Woman?

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Hands down, Meagan Good’s red carpet dress, caused quite a stir on social media, Sunday night, while at the BET Awards 2013. The newly married actress rocked a plunging, skin tight floor length gown that was an absolute show stopper. So what’s the big deal? Well, it depends on who you ask.

Some thought her body (breasts included) looked absolutely stunning. While others suggest that it was inapproriate because she was presenting a Gospel Award; not to mention, that her husband, movie executive DeVon Franklin, is an ordained minister. After posting the photo on my Instagram, the comments were endless:

tifwaltThat dress was not appropriate!

flymikejJust because she is married to a pastor doesn’t not mean she can’t dress sexy. She still leaving with him and if he doesn’t have a problem then I don’t have a problem.

alaya_mingleeThere’s a difference between sexy and inappropriate. She’s married to a pastor and she present the gospel award.#DoBetter

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And even more out spoken folk voiced their two cents on twitter:
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What are your thoughts on Meagan’s attire? Are folk being too judgemental, because she’s a Christian or was the dress 100% inappropriate for public viewing?