NeNe Leakes Wants Tamar Braxton To Join ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’, Says Phaedra Parks & Kim Zolciak Should Return

NeNe Leakes, Phaedra Parks, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, Tamar Braxton

NeNe Leakes Wants Tamar Braxton To Join ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’, Says Phaedra Parks & Kim Zolciak Should Return

After having a drama filled season 11, NeNe Leakes is calling in for reinforcements for season 12 of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She revealed that if she had her way, her friend Tamar Braxton would get a peach for the highly-anticipated new episodes.

Tamar Braxton

She says,

“You know what I would do? I would take a peach from somebody that’s holding one that don’t need to hold one, that’s super boring, give it to somebody else, and mix it up… And half of the girls will be gone because they’re so boring chile. I think Tamar would be a great addition. She’s entertaining, so she’s not boring… She’s got a lot to say, she’s opinionated. I’d love to see her come. I’d welcome her with open arms. Come to me Tamar!”

It doesn’t look like Leakes will be able to pull that off this time around. Braxton spoke on rumors she was joining RHOA while promoting her own family’s show, WeTV’s Braxton Family Values. 

“I don’t know where [the rumors] came up. But no, it’s not true. There is a Tamar spin-off that’s coming. It’s showing my life the way that it is now. Everybody knows me being Vincent Herbert’s wife and him running my businesses and my career. Now it’s just me, and I’m excited to show that side of coming into myself and being the entrepreneur that I am.”

See her comments at the 5:15 mark.

In Leakes’s interview, she added that none of the ladies who appear to be friends right now will stay friends.

“If I left tomorrow, do you really think they’re all gonna be friends? That’s not how reality TV works. There has to be some conflict. So they can’t all hold hands and Kumbaya. I can leave and they are going to fall out… They’re going to fall out. They’re all fake.”

She also said she’s not against former co-star Phaedra Parks making a return.

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Phaedra Parks

She explains,

“I like Phaedra. I think Phaedra’s cool. We’ve had our differences in the past. But we’ve never had no physical fight against each other. I can tell you that. These girls have all physically fought, drug one off the couch, the other one kicked the other. Now they’re all acting like they’re friends, they got mugshots and everything. I’m not against anybody returning to this show. I’ve been on this show for a long time. I started this show, so I want the show to continue on for the net 10, 15, 20 years. So if they want to bring back anybody they wanna bring back, bring them back. I won’t be liek that other girl, ‘If you bring them back I’ll quit.’ I would never be that way. Bring em back! Bring em on back. I need this show to continue on.”

Parks was allegedly fired after she was exposed as the one who sparked a rumor that cast member Kandi Burruss wanted to date rape Porsha Williams. 

Leakes then took her selections for season 12 to Twitter, and add that she even wants her on-again-off friend Kim Zolciak Biermann to return.

Fans might be surprised by Leakes name dropping Zolciak too. Things got super ugly between them in season 10 when Zolciak leaked a video from Leakes’s bathroom that made it look as if Leakes home had roaches.

The last time we saw them together, they were going head-to-head at the season 10 reunion.

But it looks like Leakes still has no issue with Zolciak getting a peach again.

As previously reported, that Leakes unfollowed all of her current co-stars with the exception of Shamari DeVoe and Marlo Hampton. She specifically said she felt betrayed by her now ex-friend Cynthia Bailey after Bailey allegedly set up Leakes and invited Leakes’s frenemy, Kenya Moore,  to an event without telling Leakes. Bailey was said to be outed after audio between her and Kandi Burruss played on the season finale.

In the meantime, Leakes still has to deal with her current cast mates this season for the remaining portions of the reunion.

Are you here for Phaedra Parks, Kim Zolciak Biermann and Tamar Braxton getting peaches for season 12 of RHOA? Let us know in the comments!

Authored by: Char Patterson