Draya Michele’s Twitter Followers Seemingly Pass Judgement After She Asks ‘Scamming Scammers’ for Details on Small Business Loans

Draya Michele

Draya Michele

Draya’s Twitter Followers Seemingly Pass Judgement After She Asks ‘Scamming Scammers’ for Details on SBA Loans

ATTENTION SCAMMERS: Draya has a question for you.

The ‘Mint Swim’ CEO took to Twitter on Thursday, March 17 to ask her followers about taking out a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan. Draya said,

“Hey I got a question for my little scamming scammers. Lol. If you get a SBA loan and it’s under a business name what are the steps to paying it back and if it is under the business name and you go into default does it go under your personal credit?”

Draya SBA Tweet

Draya's SBA Tweets

In a series of follow up tweets, Draya clarified that she’s no scammer, but she wants to avoid giving out “false facts” in her upcoming entrepreneurial workshop. The workshop leader said she’s considering having a loan expert speak on the topic, but is unsure.

While she didn’t get the answer she was looking for, a number of people responded and told Draya she was incriminating herself and should actually contact a lawyer—not ask her Twitter followers.

According to the SBA’s website, it helps small businesses secure credit by guaranteeing loans made by commercial lenders. In the case of default, the lender makes the loan and the SBA reimburses up to 85% of the loss.

It’s no wonder Draya’s followers were concerned about her question, as the New York Times reported that during the early days of the pandemic, the SBA had such poor fraud protections it improperly awarded nearly $4.5 billion to self-employed people who made “illogical” claims.

Do you think Draya asking her Twitter followers for help makes her appear guilty of SBA fraud? Let us know in the comments!

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