While In 3LW, Naturi Naughton Says Kiely Williams Threw Chicken At Her, Kiely Says It’s A Lie [VIDEO]

Naturi Naughton, Kiely Williams

While In 3LW, Naturi Naughton Says Kiely Williams Threw Chicken At Her, Kiely Says It’s A Lie [VIDEO]

The 3LW fallout might have happened years ago, but the drama is still fresh for former members Naturi Naughton and Kiely Williams. You might remember that Naughton was no longer a member of the group at one point, and while the reason is hazy, there were rumors that her former groupmates, Williams and Adrienne Bailon, bullied her because she was dark-skinned and ultimately kicked her out of the group.

Adrienne Bailon

Naughton confirmed the rumors during TVOne’s Uncensored and even detailed some of the bullying she said she experienced, including the girls throwing a piece of fried chicken at her. She said this happened after Bailon and Williams left her to fend for herself in a Kentucky Fried Chicken parking lot.

“There was some names called, some profanities thrown, [then] she turned around, Kiely, and threw a plate of food, mashed potatoes, chicken [and] whatever else was in there, in my face. I got out the car, and I was just like, I’m going home. I was not given a gift to sing to deal with this…Real talk, this is not what I’m supposed to be doing. If you all don’t see me, and you all don’t appreciate me, someone else will. They drove off with that driver and left me in the parking lot in Atlanta, Georgia.”

She also promoted the episode and wrote,

#TheTruthAlwaysWins? WATCH my @uncensoredtvone on SUNDAY at 10pm/9C on @tvonetv ??Just telling it like it IS! #myjourney#uncensored #tooReal #blessed#dontBemadBoo” 

It didn’t take long for Williams to hop on Instagram and respond. She said she’s busy being a mom and minding her business, wondering why someone like Naughton is worried about her.

Naughton hasn’t said much back, but she did seem to think a comment comedian Lil Duval made was funny.

Meanwhile, Bailon has been radio silent. But she did apologize to Naughton for anything wrong she did during Naughton’s appearance on The Real back in 2017.

The vintage feud resurfaced earlier this month after Williams shared her story of what happened with the group. She first started by addressing colorism after a fan made a comment toward her. But when another fan said her thoughts on colorism are hypocritical because she allegedly kicked Naughton out of the group, Williams said,

“not true. But it was a very effective lie.”

She went on to say that in reality, “no one” kicked Naughton out of the group. Instead, it had more to do with her boyfriend at the time.

“If memory serves, she got a boyfriend and men are the ruiners o fall girl groups.”

She then asked her mom to jump in, which she did. She said Naughton’s entire career was falsified and said Naughton was the one who didn’t like her own skin tone. See that interaction below:

Williams then jumped back in and attempted to reiterate that Naughton’s skin tone wasn’t the problem as she pointed out that 3LW replaced Naughton with another dark-skinned girl.

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Authored by: Char Patterson