Tension Heats Up Between Angela Yee & K.Foxx During ‘The Gossip Game’ Screening

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Well, we can’t say that it’s much of a surprise, but it appears that the drama between new reality stars Angela Yee and K.Foxx is not just for show. Both women, who are radio personalities at competing NY radio stations, are the freshest faces to Mona Scott-Young’s new VH1 show, ‘The Gossip Game’. This week, a screening went down in NYC, with the entire cast present. the Jasmine Brand was in attendance, taking in the sights, sounds and tea about what reality TV junkies can expect. And from what we saw, the beef between Yee and Foxx is very real.


As a backstory, in a recent interview, Angela spoke about her issues with K.Foxx, that stemmed before they began filming the show. She explained:

Well, I definitely don’t feel like she likes me too much, but I never really knew her that well. Like I’ve seen her out and about. Sometimes now there’s a little bit tension, but it’s really not on my part. I think she feels uncomfortable when I’m around.

She continued:

Me, Charlamagne and Envy are equal on our show. For her, it’s Cypha and Rosenberg’s show and she’s part of that show. It was a job that I was offered first, that I didn’t take bc I wanted to be a equal.

Fast forward to the present day and during the screening, Angela and K. Foxx got into a heated shouting match/exchange. What happened? During the event an audience member asked the two about their beef. K Foxx immediately jumped on the mic and stated Angela is simply representing her station. She has nothing else going on and is irrelevant. While Angela didn’t immediately answer, we interviewed her after the event for her response.

“I  feel like its not just tension or beef with K Fox, it’s with Hot 97. They hate us. I get it we’re the younger brand coming in, we’re doing we’ll. We’re beating them in the ratings. I won’t expect them to like us. It would be crazy if they were like “oh we embrace you”. They are very aggressive and taking shots. It is what it is. After watching the first episode, I felt bad for her. I love the people that I work with. They are very supportive of me, they don’t put me down. I just see how she gets treated at work. I’m so glad I don’t work there. My job is super cool. I keep that in my perspective.”