Drake Trolls Steph Curry At NBA Finals, Wears Father’s Raptors Jersey & Says He Has Curry’s Hair Lint For Sale

Drake Trolls Steph Curry At NBA Finals, Wears Father’s Raptors Jersey & Says He Has Curry’s Hair Lint For Sale 

I got lint for sale! Rapper Drake has continued his NBA playoff trolling all the way into the NBA Finals as his beloved Toronto Raptors were up against the tough Golden State Warriors in Game 1 Thursday night. While in his hometown, Drake decided to make his team’s first appearance memorable, trolling the former NBA MVP, Stephen Curry with his own father’s, Dell Curry’s Raptors jersey.

As the Raptors took game 1 of the finals over the Warriors winning, 118-109, Curry and Drake exchanged a few pleasantries. During their brief conversation on court, Drake notices a small piece of lint in Curry hair.

After saving the lint, the rapper took to Instagram sharing he will be selling the lint from Curry’s hair online. Not only did Drake take his trolling to another level after the game, he also took a shot at Warrior’s known trash talker, Draymond Green. Drake says,

“Steph Curry hair lint for sale on my eBay right now!!!! Username: DraymonShouldntWear23”

In Drake’s comments, several celebs reacted to his Finals trolling including rapper Ty Dolla $ign, and actress Yara Shahidi. Former Golden State Warrior, Javal McGee also commented on his former teammate’s lint post says,

“You really could sale it for 100 Mill tho.”

Will all of the attention Drake is gaining from his passion for his hometown team, the NBA did speak with him while making sure there’s boundaries, or as NBA Commissioner Adam Silver put it, “lines” being set. Silver says,

“We appreciate how big a fan he is, and I know the Raptors do. He has the official designation ‘ambassador’ … and he’s a global star, so it’s a huge deal that he’s so engaged with the team and loves the NBA so much.”

“Obviously, there’s some lines that even ambassadors shouldn’t cross.”

After the game, Green appeared to have a little back-and-forth moment with Drake. It’s not clear exactly what was said, but you can see Drake mouth something to the effect of “that’s trash” to the Warriors star. Green commented on his conversation with the rapper, he says,

“It wasn’t really a scuffle. I didn’t push hit him and he didn’t hit me. I didn’t push him and he didn’t push me. We talked. I wouldn’t personally consider it a scuffle.”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette