Queen Naija’s Sister Confesses To Stealing Her Boyfriend, Clarence’s Credit Card – Singer Responds

Queen Naija’s Sister Confesses To Stealing Her Boyfriend, Clarence’s Credit Card, Singer Goes Off On Rant

The sister of singer Queen Naija had a few things to say on Instagram as she confessed she used Queen Naija’s boyfriend, Clarence White’s credit card. Interestingly enough, Tina said that she didn’t “swipe” his card because she’s broke and couldn’t afford items she wanted. Instead, it looks like she was trying to teach White a lesson.

“I swiped for it to show you that you’re not about to disrespect my mama at the hospital and get all in her face like you’re about to fight her bro. Period. You still gotta a** whoopin comin… I ain’t never had to steal. I did that to show you somethin.”

She added a message for Queen Naija and apologized for putting her through the drama, but insisted that White isn’t right for her.

“Only thing I can do is pray. But n***as not about to get on here and make me look like the enemy, for real.”

As for the drama between White and their mom, Tina slammed White for being disrespectful around the time Queen Naija and Clarence welcomed their baby.

It’s safe to say Queen Naija wasn’t here for Tina’s apology. Check out her subtweets below (from bottom to top).

White also jumped in and said he’s convinced this isn’t the first time Tina stole from them. Check out his tweets from bottom to top.

He hinted that Queen Naija’s mom took a chain he left in her car. He said it had sentimental value as his dad gave him the jewelry before he went to jail.

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