R. Kelly Could Go Back To Jail Over Failure To Pay Child Support

R.Kelly mugshot

R. Kelly Could Go Back To Jail Over Failure To Pay Child Support

R. Kelly could be behind bars sooner than later… again.

Drea Kelly, R.Kelly

Just weeks after being released for owing $161,000 in back child support payments, the troubled singer has allegedly yet to pay his ex-wife, Drea Kelly, child support for their three children for March and April.

A judge previously ordered R. Kelly to pay $20,800 a month. And while he had a singing gig in Springfield, IL recently that paid him $22,000 (see his clip about that below), that money reportedly got seized by a landlord who said R. Kelly owes back payment for rent. Apparently, his account is now in the negative $13, according to reports.

R. Kelly previously asked the judge to lower his payments, stating he couldn’t afford the amount ordered. But the next hearing for that isn’t until May 8, so there’s a chance he’ll be arrested before then.

Fans might recall his epic interview with Gayle King, where R. Kelly said he couldn’t pay his child support because people were stealing from him.

Meanwhile, he’s also facing 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse for claims that he assaulted women. His trial for that will continue within coming weeks.

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Authored by: Char Patterson