Doja Cat Responds To Critics Comparing Her Natural Hair To ‘Pubic Hair’

Doja Cat

Doja Cat Responds To Critics Comparing Her Natural Hair To ‘Pubic Hair’ Or ‘Carpet’: Let’s Move Forward

Pop sensation Doja Cat is not here for those making negative comments about her natural hair.

The songstress took to her social media recently to address “consistent” remarks from social media users comparing her mini fro to “sheep wool” and pubes, urging them to grow up.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat, real name Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, 28, expressed her frustrations about the matter during a live video session she held over the weekend. The “Say So” singer started her rant about the topic, explaining that though she “struggled” to speak on it, she just had to “get this s*t off my chest.” Donning a red wig Doja stated:

“everybody know’s this [wig] is not my f*cking hair, but not everybody, that’s why we’re here today. I had a photographer take a picture of the top of my head and we blew it up and made so that my album cover is my hair…to describe it, it’s 4C hair texture,” 

She continued:

“A lot of y’all don’t give a f*ck and that’s good…however, I’m seeing a consistent pattern in my comments section of people saying – is my hair pubic hair, is it carpet, or is it sheeps wool. And it’s not even questions some people are being like ‘that’s what it is.’ But people comparing my hair to sheep and pubes and popcorn and sh*t like that, we gotta move forward. Let’s move forward, let’s grow.”

As she mentioned, Doja created the cover art showcasing her natural hair as a promotional image for her forthcoming single “MASC.” Presently, a snippet of the song, coming on the 5th of next month, is the only post uploaded to the music star’s Instagram page. The post also features an even closer look at the musician’s naturally coiled locks.

Seeing as though Doja has previously opened up about her struggle to embrace her natural hair, it’s no surprise that she’s coming for anyone trying to shame her now that she’s openly accepting it. The Grammy winner went on to acknowledge that she understands some people will leave hateful comments just because they have adverse feelings about her. However, she pleaded with those who consider themselves to be “kind”, reminding them that some comparisons about her hair are perceived as malicious, adding:

“It’s just my hair…if you’re a kind, good person, if you’re a nice guy…know that doing that, making those comparisons. That’s wild. Try not to do that.”

Doja Cat

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Authored by: Kay Johnson