Matt Barnes Responds To Critic Who Mocks Him Over Ex Gloria Govan Moving On W/ Derek Fisher: ‘He Already Caught These Hands, You Can Be Next’

Matt Barnes Responds To Critic Who Points Out That Ex Gloria Govan Moved On W/ Derek Fisher: ‘He Already Caught These Hands, You Can Be Next’

Matt Barnes let one social media user know he’s not the one to play with, especially when it comes to Derek Fisher. 

The critic called Barnes “corny” and mocked Barnes for his ex-wife, Gloria Govan, moving on with his old teammate, Fisher.

Matt Barnes, Derek Fisher, Gloria Govan


Barnes responded with,

“After you done being mad go wash that green off your neck from that fake a** chain B****!”

The fan then brought up the time Fisher crashed Barnes’s car during a DUI and tried to make fun of Barnes for no longer being a professional basketball player. Barnes said,

“I retired d***head..15 yrs & still being paid until November 2020! You gotta do better than DFish jokes. He already caught these hands. You can be nxt.”

Barnes and Fisher have definitely had their issues in the past. Barnes reportedly beat up Fisher after it came out that Fisher was dating Barnes’s ex-wife, Gloria Govan.  Barnes spoke out about the incident in May 2018.

“We’re former teammates though you know. I kind of think there’s an unspoken you know you guys go to war with each other- mean if it’s a girlfriend or something like that’s fair game but you kind of think a wife and kids would be off limits to a teammate but it is what it is from that standpoint.”

“He’s lucky it wasn’t just them but she actually had a group of friends over. They were having a game night or a dinner or something — the kids were upstairs asleep by the time I got there and it just happened. It was like I said I think it’s kind of like an unspoken man rule-teammate rule- that you don’t mess with someone’s wife by instinct. My whole focus really was that you’re staying in my house and being around my kids and you didn’t tell me that. That was my major problem and he understood once we discussed it and spoke about it.”

Still, it’s safe to say Barnes isn’t a fan of the jokes.

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