Retired NBA Star Stephen Jackson Calls Out League Owners For Staying Silent On BLM Movement: You Don’t Hear Nobody Saying Nothing!

Retired NBA Star Stephen Jackson Calls Out League Owners For Staying Silent On BLM Movement: You Don’t Hear Nobody Saying Nothing!

Stephen Jackson, a close family friend to George Floyd, has a message for the coaches and players of the NBA, who haven’t been vocal during the Black Lives Matter movement.

The former NBA player and host of the podcast “All The Smoke” has been relentlessly speaking out about the viral death of his friend George Floyd.  In a series of posts on his Instagram, he spoke out about athletes and coaches not speaking out about #BlackLivesMatter “if they pockets straight.” He wrote the caption,

“U starting to see who really wants “True Liberation” for blacks. Most don’t care about the hood or others if they pockets straight. I get it. #justiceforgeorgefloyd#justiceforbreonnataylor and so many more. Equality. Demanding it. Love for all who have love for all”

He said in a video that the world is getting comfortable with the NBA season returning and less people are speaking out about Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd’s death,

“Aye what up world, while everybody sitting back, getting comfortable, watching ESPN cause they got something to play now.  They got all this sh*t on TV now, talking about the season.  You don’t hear nobody saying Breonna Taylor, you don’t hear nobody saying George Floyd.  You don’t hear nobody saying nothin, just like I said it was gone happen. What I told ya’ll.  Black Lives Matter on the court. See man ya’ll gotta understand this. It’s people that’s fighting with us, that’s standing with us. That understand this moment. But we ain’t seen no owners, none of these owners came out and said nothin.   All they gone do is do some PSA’s and put Black Lives Matter on the court. What is that doing?  If I gotta do this by my self, Imma keep fighting.”

He added that he doesn’t want to hear about status, because celebrities Jamie Foxx and Tamika D. Mallory have been on the front lines with him.

“And then again, I’m tired of hearing about the, the money this, and they need money this and they need money that …  I’m tired of all this, man they got sh*t to lose, they got families. So do I.  So do Jamie Foxx, he got more to lose then anybody. He stood right on the side of me because he understood this moment. He showed up with all his people.  Tamika Mallory she ain’t in the NBA, she ain’t never made no NBA contract, but what she doing? On the ground fighting for something bigger then her. Bigger than all of us. It’s a lot of people out there, that understand it’s bigger then us, so don’t come to me talking about what people gone lose.  Think about what people done lost already. Think about the people that never had a chance to win. Because came out and the odds was against them to win, they already losing.”

His last message was directed to all races that are seeking equality,

“And this my last message of the night for ya’ll. And this is for all races that want equality.  All races that want things equal.  The people that they need to talk to, to give them the plan, the give them the answers on how we can fix all this sh*t and get equality? And get things to … get the ball rolling in the right direction? They don’t want to talk to.  They know who got the answers.  It ain’t me.  But they know who got the answers.  And just like they invited me up there to talk to them, they can invite the right people.  Who have the answers.  Who have the plan to get the ball rolling and get equality.  But they don’t want to talk to them.  So don’t make it seem like we doing all this marching and sh*t for nothing. Nah, we doing it for a reason to keep the attention it, and we know who they need to talk to to. They ain’t asking to talk to them though.”

In the midst of racial tensions sparking across the nation, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has announced that the 2019-2020 season, which was paused due to the coronavirus pandemic, is expected to resume on July 30 in Orlando, Florida. Only 22 teams will be playing for the remainder of the season with some of the teams fighting for playoff spots.

Stephen Jackson, who played in the league from 1997-2014, is completely against the idea of the season restarting and even posted a video to his Instagram explaining why the season shouldn’t start,

“I love the NBA man, that’s my family, but now ain’t the time to be playing basketball, now ain’t the time. Playing basketball is gonna do one thing, take all the attention off the task at hand right now and what we fighting for. Everybody’s gonna be worried about the playoffs, they gonna blast it all over TV and nobody’s gonna be talking about getting justice for all these senseless murders by these police and nobody’s gonna be focused on the task at hand. None of these white owners have spoken up. None of them are taking a stand. Yeah they might post a video when the season starts or saying what we should do, but they ain’t doing nothing. Playing basketball ain’t gon’ do nothing but make them money and take the attention off of what we fighting for, what we marching for. It’s bigger than all of us, it’s bigger than the game and it’s sad that we still gotta explain that to people. Sad.”

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Authored by: Demi Lobo