R. Kelly – 1 Of His Sexual Assault Accusers Wins Default Judgement Against Him



R. Kelly – 1 Of His Sexual Assault Accusers Wins Default Judgement Against Him

Although things have quieted down for him in the last few weeks, the legal battle facing legendary singer/songwriter/producer R. Kelly is still going strong. However, the latest news in the case involves on of his accusers who has just won a victory against him in court.

A woman who has accused R. Kelly of sexual assault, alongside four others, has recently won a default judgement against him in a Cook County court. According to reports, the woman, who was not identified, sued Kelly earlier this year and when he and his attorneys failed to respond to the lawsuit, a judge ruled Kelly in default, resulting in the plaintiff’s victory.


At press time, no damages have been awarded to the woman. However, at next month’s hearing Judge Moira S. Johnson will hear the details of the alleged abuse claims the plaintiff suffered at the hands of Kelly before she makes a decision regarding how much he should pay.

Interestingly, Kelly nor his civil litigation attorney, Brian Nix, were at the hearing on April 23rd, which is when Judge Johnson found them in default. Additionally, Kelly and Nix also were absent for the April 24th hearing. If either Kelly or Nix had shown up for the hearing, Judge Johnson could have had the opportunity to vacate her ruling.

Attorneys for the plaintiff state that since the lawsuit’s filing on February 21st, Kelly hasn’t responded to repeated court summonses:

“Robert Sylvester Kelly has failed and refused to file an appearance or answer to the Complaint even though [he is] required to do so.”

In a statement regarding the judgement, Kelly’s publicist Darrell Johnson said:

“We don’t care about the lawsuit. The lawsuit means nothing to us.”

The woman’s lawsuit claims seeks more than $50,000 in damages.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings