Tupac Shakur – BMW Late Rapper Was Killed In On Sale For $1.7 Million

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Tupac Shakur – BMW Late Rapper Was Killed In On Sale For $1.7 Million

Fans of Tupac Shakur, or true crime, could get their hands on the car the rapper was murdered in for $1.7 million.

According to recent reports, the car Tupac Shakur was murdered in is now up for sale. The car, a 1996 BMW 750iL, is being sold at Celebrity Cars Las Vegas for $1.7 million. Tupac Shakur was notably shot in the car on Sept. 7th, 1996 while at a red light in Las Vegas, Nevada. He died six days later at the age of 25.

Since the shooting, the vehicle has been owned by various different collectors. However, despite the car’s grim history, its last owner decided to restore it back to its original condition–even repairing the bullet holes in the car door. The BMW also has a black leather interior and its original 5.4-liter engine. However, it has a mileage of 121,043.

Notably, the vehicle will come with documentation in order to prove its history and affiliation to Tupac Shakur. This documentation will reportedly include a certificate confirming the car was first purchased by Death Row Records.

It is also worth noting that the car actually appeared on TV just a few years ago. The BMW was featured on a 2018 episode of Pawn Stars, and it was being sold for $1.5 million at the time.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley