Bill & Camille Cosby Slam Judge In Battle To Appeal His Criminal Conviction

Bill & Camille Cosby Slam Judge In Battle To Appeal His Criminal Conviction

On his continued quest to appeal his current conviction of sexual assault against multiple women, iconic actor/producer/comedian/activist Bill Cosby isn’t mincing words when it comes to the judge who presided over his previous trials.

Bill Cosby, along with his wife Camille, have fiercely called out Judge Steven O’Neill, in the ongoing battle Cosby faces as he seeks to appeal his conviction for sexual assault. Cosby began serving his 10-year prison sentence back in September 2018 at a local Philadelphia prison.

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In a statement, Camille blasted Judge O’Neill, noting that he

“tried to turn Bill Cosby into one of the most insidious stereotypes of African American men.”

She didn’t stop there, adding:

“Now, after more than 50 years of work, that humanized the dehumanized; which also challenged the perpetual architects of racist, exploitive and greedy maneuvers that have enabled them to divide and conquer … my husband has been severely redefined by Judge O’Neill, despite having zero proof.”

Bill Cosby followed up his wife’s sentiments with his own harsh words for Judge O’Neill:

“I stand firmly with my wife on the foundation of solidarity and truth. Camille has always been a fearless warrior against corruption and bigotry. She’s not afraid of this unethical judge, nor am I afraid of O’Neill’s grossly immoral tactics.  Keep fighting…Dear…I Love You Very, Very Much.”

Cosby spokesperson, Andrew Wyatt, also noted that Judge O’Neill has a

“habit of always trying to cover his many errors, which continues to show his hatred towards Mr. Cosby.”

In addition to appealing his conviction, Cosby is also arguing in recent filings that his appeal has been held up by Judge O’Neill’s delay in explaining his sentence as required by Pennsylvania law.

In response, Judge O’Neill has delivered a 143-page brief, which is a thorough rejection of Cosby‘s legal arguments that both his trials were flawed, that his conviction should be overturned, and that he received an unfair sentence and should be released from prison on bail.

This not the first (or likely the last) time that the Cosbys have verbally slammed Judge O’Neill for his treatment of Bill Cosby and his overall handling of the case. However, they stand firm in the quest for an appeal to be granted.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings