Update: Snoop Dogg Isn’t Actually Giving Up Smoking Marijuana

Update: Snoop Dogg Isn’t Actually Giving Up Smoking Marijuana

Update: (Nov. 20, 2023): Snoop Dogg is “giving up smoke”– but not in the way you’re thinking about.

Last week the hip-hop icon made headlines after announcing he’s “decided to give up smoke.” The post, seen by millions, was interpreted as the rapper’s way of sharing that he’s no longer smoking marijuana. In addition to receiving encouraging comments from fans, fellow rapper Meek Mill shared that Snoop Dogg’s announcement inspired him to step away from weed as well. In part, He wrote,

“ima follow snoop, my doctor said I got a lil bit emphysema in a chest if I don’t stop smoking it cuts my lifeline in half, I was addicted to the nicotine and this new weed got too many chemicals and too risky to play with my mental! “

Well, it looks like Snoop Dogg’s statement had nothing to do with cannabis. The entertainer recently revealed he’s inked a collab with Solo Stove, which is a company that sells smokeless fire pits. In a press release about his latest business venture, Snoop Dogg reportedly said,

“I love a good fire outside but the smoke was too much. Solo Stove fixed fire and took out the smoke. They changed the game and now I’m excited to spread the love and stay warm with my friends and family.”


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Original Story: (Nov. 16, 2023):

Snoop Dogg is stepping into a new chapter of life!

Today (Nov. 16) the “Gin and Juice” rapper shared a statement to his socials seemingly letting the world know that he has decided to give up smoking weed. Snoop Dogg expressed,

“After much consideration and conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke. Please respect my privacy at this time.”

He captioned the post,

“I’m giving up smoke.”

Many were shocked by Snoop Dogg’s announcement as the entertainer has been very vocal over the years about his love of cannabis. He even turned his passion into a business in 2015 by launching his very own cannabis brand, Leafs by Snoop. Reportedly, his products are available for purchase at dispensaries in the Colorado cities of Denver, Garden City, Mancos, Cortez, Lakewood and Colorado Springs.

One Instagram user stunned by Snoop Dogg’s statement said,

Bro that’s like Martha Stewart giving up cooking da fuq???”

However, some fans left encouraging words for Snoop Dogg, with one person writing,

“You got this!!!! I gave up all alcohol in August of 2019 and I’ve never looked back!!”

At this moment, it’s unclear if Snoop Dogg was being serious or not. However, he did recently re-share an image to his IG stories of himself in the studio with what appeared to be a blunt in his mouth and cannabis product on his lap.

Despite this, his statement definitely has the internet talking! See more reactions below:

What are your thoughts on this entire situation? Any tips for someone wanting to quit smoking weed? Tell us in the comments below!

Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel