Rachel Dolezal Reveals She’s Bisexual

Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal Reveals She’s Bisexual

Rachel Dolezal is proclaiming to the world that she is bisexual, just in time for Pride Month.

Rachel Dolezal, the woman who garnered massive amounts of media attention when she was ultimately revealed to be a white woman instead of the black woman she claimed to be for years, has taken to social media with an announcement about her sexuality.

As members of the LGBTQ community continue to celebrate Pride Month, Dolezal decided to take a moment to let them know that, she too is apart of the community, and has been forever. In a lengthy Instagram post, Dolezal revealed that she has been aware of her bisexual status since she was young, despite being married in the past and having children.

Her post read:

“Just wanted to take a moment to recognize Pride Month ? I am in absolutely no rush to explore a new relationship, but it still matters to stay visible. My first kiss was with a girl when I was 18. I am bisexual. Just because I have been married (briefly) to a man or have had children by male partners does not mean I am not bi. Just because I’m bi doesn’t mean I’m confused. Just because I’m bi doesn’t mean I’m “almost” gay. Just because I’m bi doesn’t mean I’m any less monogamous or into threesomes. I’ve always been attracted to a certain vibe and the body parts present matter less to me than the heart, soul, compatibility & chemistry.”

Dolezal continued, adding:

“So, don’t ignore or delegitimize the “B” In LGBTQI… It’s a real identity. We are here, and no one’s opinion is going to make me gay or straight or not bi. So, although I’ve been single & celibate for 4 years and don’t plan to change that any time soon (my life is too complicated & stressful), this is my lil Pride support post to say “press on” and “keep being you” to the bi community & ???? #pride #pridemonth #bisexual #notashamedtosay #beyou #youarewhoyouare #iamwhoiam #itsoktosupport #inclusionisntforshow”

As with anything surrounding Dolezal, this latest update is sure to spark a round of fierce opinions and commentary.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings