R. Kelly Hit With 11 New Counts Of Sexual Assault + Accusers Give Grand Jury Testimony

R. Kelly – Singer Hit With 11 New Counts Of Sexual Assault + Accusers Give Grand Jury Testimony

Following weeks of quiet, the latest news involving the sexual assault allegations surrounding legendary singer/songwriter/producer R. Kelly involves being charged with 11 new counts of sexual assault and grand jury testimony from his accusers. A collection of those accusing Kelly of sexual assault and sex trafficking recently testified before a Chicago grand jury.

R. Kelly is facing more serious legal trouble, as it’s just been reported that he has been hit with a fresh batch of new charges involving sexual assault and sexual abuse, 11 charges in total to be exact. The latest charges include: aggravated criminal sex assault, criminal sex assault, and aggravated criminal sex abuse. The alleged victims that were the basis for these new charges were reportedly between the ages of 13 and 16.

The four aggravated criminal sex assault charges are registered as class X felonies, which carry a mandatory minimum of six years in prison. Kelly is slated to appear in a Chicago court to face the new charges on June 6th.

In the other ongoing legal issues surrounding R. Kelly, it’s being reported that some of his accusers have testified before a grand jury that Kelly allegedly flew them in for sexual escapades when they were underage. The witnesses also testified that members of Kelly‘s team were in charge of securing the travel arrangements at his direction to fly them across state lines.

R.Kelly Turns Himself Into Police

Inside sources also state that the grand jury is set to hear testimony that could lead to indictments for obstruction of justice. One of the alleged victims testified that Kelly’s team paid off witnesses so they wouldn’t testify against him during his child pornography case back in 2008.

One of the families allegedly paid off by Kelly was the family of the alleged victim in the 2008 trial, rumored to be his goddaughter. The Chicago grand jury is said to be thoroughly investigating the allegations that Kelly and his team tried to impact the outcome of his 2008 trial by intimidating witnesses and physical threats.

R.Kelly in court

Further testimony revealed that Kelly‘s team allegedly secured the travel for the witnesses in the 2008 trial, so that they would not be in town to testify against Kelly.

Chicago prosecutors in the Northern District of Illinois are continuing their long drawn out efforts to build a strong case against Kelly in hopes of a possible conviction. The Chicago case is of course completely separate from to other open investigations that Kelly is facing in the state of New York.


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Authored by: Danielle Jennings