Jeezy Cleared In 2014 Concert Shooting Lawsuit


Jeezy Cleared In 2014 Concert Shooting Lawsuit


Jeezy has been cleared in a lawsuit surrounding a 2014 shooting that took place after a concert in California.

According to reports, The California Court Of Appeal ruled in favor of Jeezy and Live Nation in a wrongful death lawsuit. They said both Jeezy and Live Nation are not liable for the death of Eric Johnson Jr., who was fatally shot while backstage at a Wiz Khalifa tour stop. Jeezy was one of the featured guests on the tour.


In 2015, Johnson’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit. In the suit, they accused Live Nation of failing to provide proper security during the concert, which they believe could have prevented Eric Johnson Jr.’s death.

However, Justice Stuart R. Pollak said that Live Nation could not have predicted an incident occurring between artists and their guests backstage.

Justice Pollak stated,

“A violent attack by and between artists and their guests in the backstage area of a performance is not a foreseeable occurrence against which Live Nation should have provided preventative measures of the nature plaintiffs suggest.”

Pollak went on to note that no reports suggested any of the artists or their teams posed any threats.

“The reports did not … indicate that any of the artists or their entourages engaged in or posed any danger of violence during the tour. The head of security also indicated that in her more than 10 years at the amphitheater, there had not been any violent incidents backstage.”

Johnson family attorney Adanté D. Pointer expressed disappointment with the court’s decision.

“Despite a court somehow ruling that this industry giant has no duty to protect the public at its shows … the family remains hopeful LN will do the right thing and compensate the children of the man who lost his life back stage at their concert.”

According to reports, following the shooting, Jeezy was charged with illegal possession of a weapon after a rifle was discovered on his tour bus. The charge was later dropped.

In a previous interview, Jeezy spoke about leaving violence in the past and no longer caring about his “street cred.”

The Put On rapper stated:

“When you start walking in those rooms and you trying to business, nobody really care about what you done on the streets.

He continued:

“What people think about me ain’t none of my spiritual business….I don’t need validation for what you consider to be real for me to be a real man….A lot of the things I did because I was trying to get validation. [Like] I’m about my issues, Imma do this and that…The last time I got locked up in L.A….that’s when I was really like ‘man you got the world, you successful, you on tour, you doing 30,000 people a night, and you in jail – for what?’”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole