Yung Miami Posts A Series Of Cryptic Messages As City Girls Album Leaks Online

Yung Miami

Yung Miami Posts Series Of Cryptic Messages As City Girls Album Leaks Online: I’m So F**king Sad

Yung Miami (real name Caresha Brownlee) who is 1/2 of the rap group City Girls, is expressing her frustration on her IG stories after the group’s album leaks online. The rap group was planning on releasing a full album after the other member of the City Girls, JT (real name Jatavia Johnson) , was released from prison last year.

The alleged album “City on Lock” was leaked to the internet earlier this week and reportedly reveals a couple of alleged singles featuring Doja Cat titled “P***y Talk”, Lil Baby on “Flewed Out”, and Yo Gotti on “Broke N***as.” The leak of the album has also become the top trend on Twitter.

Yung Miami took to her IG stories to reveal how frustrated she was with the news that the album was reportedly leaked online. The rapper shares,

“I’m so f***in mad ppl are so f****ng evil y’all leave me thee f**k alone!”

Yung Miami continues to air out her frustrations saying,

“Ion trust nobody!”


She ends off sharing her frustrations by saying,

“I swear to god y’all don’t understand how I’m feeling right now. I’m so f****ng sad! Y’all think everything a game! NOBODY IS PLAYING”

This week has especially been hard on Yung Miami, especially with the recent death of her son’s father. The rapper posted a sweet message in honor of her slain ex,

“Babies first words are ‘DADA’ and that’s what you are: a FATHER to Jai. You and Jai is (sic) peanut butter and jelly. Always together,” 

She added,

“One thing about you, you don’t play about your son, so humble, quiet, and uplifting. I hate this happened to you, Jai. You didn’t deserve this! Jai needs you”

The City Girls rapper shared messages on her Instagram story as she mourned the loss.

She wrote in one post,

“I just feel like going to crazy! D*MNNNNN!!!”

She then shared a photo of Jai Wiggins and their six-year-old son and wrote,

“D*mn Jai I can’t believe you gone…”

She added a broken heart and dove emoji.

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla