Tamar Braxton Announces New Show

Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton Announces New Show On VH1

Tamar Braxton has inked yet another TV show! But it’s not the talk show with Steve Harvey’s production company that we’ve been waiting for. Fans might remember Harvey offered Braxton her own show just after she was shockingly fired from The Real back in May 2016, ahead of the talk show’s third season. See that at the 12:30 mark.

While her Tamartians have been waiting patiently for Harvey and Braxton’s talk show to be announced, she said that won’t be happening.

“It’s not, because of contractual reasons. We couldn’t get my network down to kind of free me of that. I’m waiting on my talk show too.”

Fortunately, she announced she has a new VH1 show in the works as she said her network has been “more lenient with other things.”

“I have a VH1 show coming up that got picked up for 20 episodes. I’m really excited about it. So they’re being a little bit more lenient nowadays.”

The details of the show still aren’t known, but she confirmed the news on Instagram.

Braxton also added that she just wrapped a movie called Gangland. 

Tamar Braxton

“It’s kinda like a musical sort of. But it’s really, really good and entertaining. I’ve always been into acting. I started off with Tyler Perry, a lot of people don’t know that. I did Madea Goes to Jail. We had a great time. Ever since then I’ve had the acting bug. Then the reality show came and the music bug definitely never goes away.”

As for the reality show, WeTV’s “Braxton Family Values,” we’ve seen lots of drama between Braxton and her sisters.

She said,

“It ain’t the camera that makes the difference. It’s everything else. It’s more like production. People want to see more of the dramatics and the shenanigans and I’m just really not here for it to be honest. I created it and formed it with my ex-husband. I just felt there was a need for African-American women to show their truths. And to be all in different walks of life but still have one common goal… denominator, and that’s family. And I just thought it was important. We’ve worked on it… 10 years later… and we’re still number one on the network. We’re coming back for another season.”

“It was necessary for women to get on TV and get along and not throw glasses at each other.”

Are you ready for Tamar to have a new show? 


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