Gayle King Alludes To R. Kelly Interview Helping Secure Her $11 Million Salary At CBS ‘It Couldn’t Have Come At A Better Time For Me’

Gayle King Alludes To R. Kelly Interview Helping Secure Her $11 Million Salary At CBS ‘It Couldn’t Have Come At A Better Time For Me’

It looks like Gayle King’s epic interview with R. Kelly upped her value at CBS This Morning. King sat down with the troubled singer in what became an explosive interview back in March. It was certainly a defining moment in her career as she showed her professionalism while R. Kelly showed he was completely unhinged; at one point even towering over King. 

Gayle King & R.Kelly

The President of CBS News, Susan Zirinsky, said during an interview that this certainly got her attention in the best way.

“In this melee of histrionics, she did not lose the story — the accusations, the judicial ramifications, these kids, their parents. She was able to maintain editorial clarity in a situation that would have unnerved the best. And I just thought … Wow.”

Interestingly enough, in March, King’s two-year contract was set to expire this November. But shortly after the interview, she was allegedly met with an $11 million a year offer, rumored to be as twice as much as she made before. King said,

 “It’s not like I planned it — like, ‘I’m in contract negotiations, I need to try to do something here.’ It didn’t work like that. But I am not naive. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me. It’s just one of those things. Thank you, Jesus, whoever that is.”

Her CBS This Morning co-anchor, Anthony Mason, even added,

“I got the distinct sense that Gayle had at least one foot out the door. She wasn’t gone, so there was always a chance of keeping her. But there was a fair bit of momentum in the other direction.”

King’s BFF Oprah Winfrey, who was also a listening ear during the negotiations, chimed in and said while she’s impressed with King’s composure, she’s not surprised.

Oprah and Gayle King

“[R. Kelly] was a very telling and seminal moment for people to see her in a way that she hadn’t been seen. But I will tell you, absolutely nothing about her ability to handle that interview surprised me. Because I had seen her do that in many other circumstances.”

Now, all there is to do is look forward. There is clearly lots for King to cover on CBS This Morning, including the 2020 Presidential election. King said,

“I definitely would like to have a role. But you know what, I want to get through the summer.”

King also hopes to score an interview with Felicity Huffman, who recently pled guilty to being involved a college admissions scam. If she has her way, King will also sit down with Beyonce and Jay-Z together as well as; Trayvon Martin’s mom, Sybrina Fultonwho is running for commissioner in Miami-Dade County.

Beyonce, Jay-Z


Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin

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Authored by: Char Patterson