Ne-Yo Is Allegedly In A Four Way Relationship With Three “Mistresses” & Reportedly Moved One Closer To Him, Sparking Divorce From Crystal Renay


Ne-Yo Is Allegedly In A Four Way Relationship With Three “Mistresses” & Reportedly Moved One Closer To Him, Sparking Divorce From Crystal Renay

Some steamy alleged details in the ongoing divorce of Ne-Yo and his estranged wife Crystal Renay have recently emerged.

According to social media outlet Its_Onsite, singer/songwriter Ne-Yo is in an open relationship with three women who refer to themselves as “sister-wives”. The outlet claims the grammy award winning artist recently moved on of his mistresses closer to him, leading his wife of eight years Crystal Renay, to file for divorce. As part of her official statement announcing the split, Renay accused Ne-Yo of being a serial cheater and fathering a child outside of their marriage. Now, it seems at least one of his mistresses is coming forward.

One of the three women, who goes by Puredominican on instagram, allegedly has publicly claimed the singer on her page. A post from Its_Onsite shows the hairstylist praising Ne-Yo for changing her life and declaring her longtime love for him. Written as a caption over a selfie she wrote:

“I will eat his —- if he ask me to. You take good care of me and my babies and I sometimes can’t believe you u got me living my dream life,”

She continued:

“I would never thought I would be in the arms of the man I was in love with since I was a lil girl. I used to dream [of] kissing those beautiful big lips lmao,” 

In another post, the instagram model posted a video of herself, shaking all that her mother and/or doctor gave her, captioning the post:

“I’m outside with daddy #laylow #neyo”

The media outlet noted that one of Ne-Yo’s other alleged mistresses, belladreams__ on instagram, has several likes and a follow from the artist. It doesn’t seem that either women have responded to the recent allegations.

In the initial divorce announcement, a seemingly fed up Crystal Renay aired out her marriage’s dirty laundry, writing:

“8 years of lies and deception. 8 years of unknowingly sharing my life and husband with numerous of women who sell their bodies to him unprotected… every last one of them! To say I’m heartbroken and disgusted is an understatement. To ask me to stay and accept it is absolutely insane. The mentality of a narcissist.”

She continued:

“I will no longer lie to the public or pretend that this is something it isn’t. I choose me, I choose my happiness and health and my respect. I gained 3 beautiful children out of this but nothing else but wasted years and heartache,”

Renay also pleaded with women to stop sending her video evidence of her estranged husband’s cheating. At this time, however, neither Ne-Yo nor Crystal Renay have responded to the recent rumors.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson