Diddy Refollows Ex Gina Huynh After She Appears To Have Allegedly Unblocked Him On Instagram Following Dispute w/ Yung Miami 

Diddy Refollows Ex Gina Huynh After She Appears To Have Allegedly Unblocked Him On Instagram Following Dispute w/ Yung Miami

Well, it looks like Diddy hasn’t burned all of his old bridges just yet.

According to reports, music mogul Diddy has made his way back on his ex-boo’s — model/artist Gina Huynh — Instagram followers list.

Gina Huynh, Diddy

As previously reported, last May, Diddy’s former flame, Gina Huynh, sparked an online feud with his “current” bae, Yung Miami, after posting a photo of the ‘Bad Boy’ phenomenon laying a smooch on her cheek.

Following the viral image, City Girls rapper Yung Miami went to Twitter (now known as X) with a series of tweets, subliminally throwing shots at Gina Huynh.

Diddy, Gina Huynh

She wrote,

“Somebody please give this b*tch some attention!”

Yung Miami continued:

“Notice me please a** b*tch go sit down! WE SEE YOU RELAX! IT’S ok! You been (AROUND) just (AROUND) for years! You been waiting on his moment if he can’t make you famous b*tch I ain’t!”

From there, a fiery back-and-forth ensued, with Huynh telling Miami to “suck her d*ck” and the “Act Up” lyricist making it clear that she was unbothered by any of Diddy’s additional affairs.

She added:

“Ian arguing with no b*tch that got cheap a** lint ball carpet in they house f*cking on a billionaire! You freaky a** b*tch!”

Miami furthered,

“That’s why I f*ck with yo n*gga & ain’t coming off him idc how many pics you post!”

According to Huynh, she and Diddy had a low-profile relationship for around five years, and things were still somewhat strong between them throughout his courtship with Miami.

As if she and Miami’s first virtual showdown wasn’t enough, in December 2022, the ladies went at it again.

Diddy, Yung Miami

The drama kicked off after Huynh uploaded a reel shading Miami amid the then-news that Diddy had conceived a child while they were dating.

The 29-year-old shot back,

“Gina you been down bad ever since I came into the picture h*e! You been crying for a baby for 10 yrs h*e you been around as a b*tch that eat p*ssy and d*ck when he feel like it YOU A EATER!! you the same b*tch that was crying on Tasha k cause you wanted a baby poor sushi!!!!”

Huynh claimed to have cut off Diddy’s access to her social media platforms last May in a comment to a fan, but it’s recently been discovered that he’s back following her Instagram account. At this time, she does not follow the business tycoon back.

During a past interview with entertainment commentator Tasha K, Huynh recalled Diddy growing violent toward her while they were together. She accused the 54-year-old of punching the back of her head and stomping her pregnant stomach.

No one knows where she and Diddy stand currently.

Let’s just hope her and Miami’s cyber battles are done… at least for now.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell