Cam’Ron Blasts Ex Girlfriend JuJu – Reveals Her Plastic Surgery Details, Says They Split Because She Threatened To Fight His Coworker

Cam’Ron, JuJu

Cam’Ron Blasts Ex Girlfriend JuJu – Reveals Her Plastic Surgery Details, Says They Split Because She Threatened To Fight His Coworker

It’s been months since rapper Cam’ron and Love & Hip Hop: New York cast member JuJu called it quits following their 10-year relationship. But Cam’ron is clearing the air on why they really split. 

He took to Instagram to share his side, almost two years after their breakup. He sat comfortably in a chair as he spilled the tea on his romance with JuJu in a nearly 3-minute video.

Juju, Cam’ron

He says,

“I’m not your enemy. I have nothing but love for you. I’m happy for everything you’re doing. But I’m tired of looking like the villain, even though I like being the villain. But this isn’t the case for this scenario.”

He then reveals what he said is the real reason he ended their relationship.

“I didn’t break up with you because it wasn’t fun or anything like that. I broke up with you because you kept threatening to beat up one of my coworkers for unfollowing you. Maybe I’m a little old… But I’m too old to beat somebody up or see somebody getting beat up who brings me $300,000 a year, for unfollowing you. I couldn’t take it anymore because of the Instagram… follow this person, follow that person.”

“And you can’t beat up a White person in New York, especially a White Jew. You can’t beat up any White, Jewish people in New York. And that was the real reason we broke up.”

He went on to address JuJu’s claims that they broke up because Cam’ron didn’t think their relationship was “fun” anymore.

“The fun s*** and it wasn’t fun, you know we had a marvelous time, nothing but fun. But it was more interfering with my business, and it looked like you had more control over my business than I did. I have no problem with you.”

He continues to make a list of all the things he did for JuJu when they were together.

Juju & Cam’Ron

“I got you on ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ I helped you get Candy Jewels Hair. I negotiated the best first-time person on ‘Love & Hip Hop.’ Your contract you got… I got you that money. You’re still on for two, three seasons. And I’m happy for you. I supported you when you got your butt done, when you got your breasts done, your lip, hair, laser removal, everything. I loved you with that. You didn’t have to do that. I was with you before that. And I still have love for you. No problems at all.”

He added that he doesn’t mind her reaching out to his friends, even though if he did the same thing he’d be perceived by her friends as a “stalker.”

“Call my friends still. You know if I call your friends they’d say ‘Cam’s a stalker.’ So I won’t do it.”

He ended with,

“I have nothing but love for you, much continued success. It wasn’t that you wasn’t fun. You kept threatening to beat people up that I work with. And I just couldn’t have it anymore. See you soon.”

Interestingly, shortly after their breakup in December 2017, Cam’ron said they broke up after social media changed their relationship.

“Basically, it was just kind of mutual. For me it just wasn’t fun anymore. I met JuJu in 2002. She was my friend before we started being serious. That was my homegirl and everything was fun.”

He said JuJu often questioned him about women he followed and photos he liked.

Cam’ron & JuJu

“But for me, once Instagram came out…I was marketing her because I thought she was beautiful. Basically, it just stopped being fun. When Instagram came out it was fun in the beginning, then it started getting serious. ‘Why you following her? You like that person’s picture. People are saying this…'”

He added,

“Yo, you gotta be my best friend still because that’s what I’m in it for. I always told myself you [have to] be my best friend and that was my best friend for years but it just stopped being fun and I think she felt that way too. She’s loyal, she’s smart, she’s funny, she’s charismatic. She has a bunch of different businesses she’s doing.”

See his comments at the 21:42 mark.

JuJu, who joined Love & Hip Hop New York as a full-time cast member in 2018, shared her side in December 2017 and said,


“Cam and I, we were really good friends and he said it wasn’t fun for him anymore and I was concerned about what was going on Instagram and saying who he was following and that’s not true. And that’s’s not true, I basically was more concerned about the respect level.. there’s d*** pics up and down my Instagram as well and I didn’t like them out of respect, my thing was, don’t do what I don’t do to you, respect me… And it’s not because of Instagram, it’s because the things you [Cam] were doing concerning IG, and you didn’t respect my feelings, we had a really good friendship, so I felt that if you are going to the game with a female friend or anybody, you should be able to tell me.. Cam for the past year was pushing me away.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson