Amber Rose Shares Her Thoughts On The Cucumber Challenge ‘A Lot Of Girls Are Being Very Insecure!’ [VIDEO]

Amber Rose

Amber Rose Shares Her Thoughts On The Cucumber Challenge ‘A Lot Of Girls Are Being Very Insecure!’ [VIDEO]

Amber Rose is the latest celebrity to speak on the controversial #cucumberchallenge. She had lots to say, but made it clear she has no issue with it.

She said she then asked her boyfriend AE what he thought about it.

Amber Rose, AE

She said at first he pretended not to know what she was talking about because he didn’t know how she would respond. Once he said he saw it, she told him,

“I apologize… my throat is not set up like that. I never got any complaints or anything like that… and she was like OD’ing on the cucumber. But this is my whole thing. We all suck d***, right? We literally suck d***. Everybody’s on the internet shaming this girl for sucking a cucumber and we suck d***. I mean… if you’re straight or if you’re gay or whatever you’re into. If you suck d***, ten you suck d***. Why are you mad at a girl sucking on a cucumber?”

She added,

“I feel like a lot of girls are being very insecure because they watch the video and they’re like ‘Oh b**** I can’t do that.’ But the thing that we have to remember is that if your man is going and cheating on you or being disrespectful, you have to understand baby girl… that don’t got s*** to do with you. That don’t have s*** to do with me. We can’t be mad when somebody that we love or care about finds something else appealing or sexy.”

Amber Rose

She went on to compare the challenge to porn.

We can’t feel insecure about that beceause as human beings, most of us use porn as our convenience. At the end of the day, the average girl is not gonna do what a porn star is gonna do. We’re just not. But that’s why that’s their job and that’s what htey do and they’re professionals. We  can use that to our convenience whenever we want. But I don’t think we should shame.”

She ended with,

“Don’t feel insecure about the cucumber video. If you wanna get your throat game up, you can get your throat game up. I personally don’t care enough to have a d*** all the way here. I don’t care. I feel like I have more attributes. I have an amazing personality and other things that I can give to my man that doesn’t include having a d*** all the way in my throat. It’s uncomfortable and I can’t do it. I’ll go as deep as I possibly can but I’m not gonna do what that girl does in the cucumber video. It looks like it hurts and I’m just not with it. Good for her. Anytime I wanna get my throat game up maybe in the future I’ll be sure to find that video again and study it. Until then, God bless her.

I don’t think it’s a big deal. It’s a vegetable. Who cares? If guys are gonna like it then they’r gonna like it. If a man gets up and leaves you for a b**** that sucks on a cucumber, he was never the one for you in the first place. Period.”

One celebrity who did have an issue with it is Reginae Carter. She called the challenge “degrading” and said it’s definitely not cool for those who have children. She said of the people posting it,

“I don’t wanna be nowhere near them because they’re childish, their dirty and their pathetic.”

Authored by: Char Patterson