Spinderella Allegedly Upset At Limited Role On Salt-N-Pepa Reality Show

Salt-N-Pepa & Spinderella

Spinderella Allegedly Upset At Limited Role On Salt-N-Pepa Reality Show

While most fans weren’t shocked when Spinderella filed a lawsuit against her former groupmates, Salt-N-Pepanew reports suggest the real reason behind the legal action.

Insiders revealed that Spinderella was livid she was only a featured guest on the group’s VH1 reality show back in 2007.

But new reports claim the show’s producers didn’t want her to have a bigger role and it was beyond Salt-N-Pepa’s control.

Insiders also claim that Spinderella doesn’t own the Salt-N-Pepa brand, only Salt, whose real name is Cheryl James, and Pepa, whose real name is Sandra Denton, still own the brand. Considering this, reports suggest Spinderella has no foundation for the trademark infringement portion of her lawsuit since the group says they never use or name or likeness since she left the group.

Spinderella, Pepa, Salt

As for her claims that she didn’t get paid for their 2018 Billboard Music Awards performance, apparently no one got paid, not even Salt-N-Pepa, and Spinderella was said to know that.

Spinderella said in her lawsuit that she was owed $125K from the royalties of the 1999 Best Of album alone, insiders said she was paid as an independent contractor. On top of that Salt-N-Pepa reportedly did their best to offer the best accommodations in addition to her pay.

The Jasmine Brand previously reported that Spinderella also said she was told by SoundExchange, which collects and provides artists their royalties, that Salt-N-Pepa got more than $600K in royalties over the last decade. Spinderella said she has yet to receive any of the money.

She’s suing for trademark infringement, breach of contract and fraud, with claims that they continued to use her name even after she parted ways with the group.

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Authored by: Char Patterson