Macy Gray Says She’s A Vampire: ‘I Run Out, I Go & Bite People’

Macy Gray

Macy Gray Says She’s A Vampire ‘I Run Out, I Go And Bite People’

Macy Gray had quite the announcement on what she’s been up to lately. The “I Try” singer revealed that she’s actually a vampire. She revealed the news during an interview on ITV’s daytime talk show “Lorraine”. She stated,

“I’m a  vampire, I have a low blood count, every two or three years I have to get blood. I run out. I go and bite people.”

She then complained about having to get up early for the appearance.

“Why do you guy go on so early? You should shoot it at night and then tell people it’s live, that’s an idea. Why do it in the morning?”

Gray then made an interesting comment about headlining the WOMAD Festival in the U.K.

“Where is Malmesbury, how long will it take to get there in the car?”

Of course fans had lots to say on Twitter.

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Authored by: Char Patterson