‘Atlanta’ Renewed For Season 4, Production For Next 2 Seasons Will Be Shot Back-To-Back In 2020

‘Atlanta’ Renewed For Season 4, Production For Next 2 Seasons Will Be Shot Back-To-Back In 2020

Fans can now look forward to two new seasons of FX’s hit series Atlanta. While production for the highly-anticipated third season still has yet to begin, the show has already inked season 4. Each season will feature eight episodes. The network announced the new season at the Television Critics Association summer press tour Tuesday. President of FX Entertainment, Eric Schrier, said,

“What more can be said about ‘Atlanta’ than the critical acclaim and accolades that Donald, Paul, Dianne, Stephen and Hiro have earned for two exceptional seasons of what is clearly one of the best shows on television. This group of collaborators and cast have created one of the most original, innovative stories of this generation and we are proud to be their partners.”

Season 3 and 4 will be shot together beginning the spring of 2020. The series is certainly a popular one. It’s won five Emmy Awards and has received a total of 22 nominations since the first season premiered in September 2016. Fans might be used to a gap considering season 2 didn’t air until March 2018.

Interestingly enough, Donald Glover, who recently voiced Simba in the live-action remake of Disney’s The Lion King, teased that he hadn’t even started working for season 3 last month.

“Um, I think my contract says I have to say ‘Yes.’ Yes.”

See it at the 11:09 mark.

The third season has already been postponed twice. FX CEO John Landgraf said he understands that Glover is in high demand.

“Donald Glover is sort of the king of all media, and he just has had an incredibly complicated life. He’s had personal things he’s had to deal with, from injuries to other things I’d rather not say publicly that just have to do with not with his personal life but his extended family. We have so many programs that don’t cycle back on an annual basis. You have to make a decision about quality over quantity and we’re erring on the side of quality.”

For now, fans can relive a scene from the season 2 finale.

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