Tina Knowles-Lawson Says Jay-Z Would Be Great NFL Owner

Tina Knowles, Jay-Z

Tina Knowles-Lawson Says Jay-Z Would Be Great NFL Owner


It looks like Tina Knowles-Lawson is in support of her son-in-law, Jay-Z, and his possible venture as an NFL owner.

Beyonce’s mother recently spoke with sources and said both her daughter and son-in-law would make amazing NFL owners. Although she claimed she didn’t know anything about a potential NFL purchase, Tina Lawson said,

“I have no doubt that anything they can put their minds to they can do it well.”

Tina Lawson

Her comments come after Jay-Z was spotted meeting with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos earlier this month, fueling rumors the pair were interested in purchasing the Washington Commanders from its current owner Daniel Snyder. Allegedly, the two billionaires are even considering a partnership to increase their chances of winning the bid.

As you may already know, Jay-Z is no stranger to working with the NFL, he signed a partnership deal with the league in 2019, which reportedly gave him power over the halftime show and social justice initiatives.


As previously reported, Commanders’ owners Dan and Tanya Snyder announced on Nov. 2 that they have hired Bank of America to consider a potential franchise sale. Reportedly, it could be for the entire team or a minority stake. According to Forbes, the Commanders are worth an estimated $5.6 billion— a sevenfold increase over the then-record $800 million Snyder paid for the team in 1999. That ranks sixth among the league’s 32 teams and would be more than the $4.65 billion Walmart heir Rob Walton paid for the Denver Broncos earlier this year.

At this time, it’s unclear how soon a possible sale could happen, however, some sports business experts suggested a year as a reasonable timeframe while others say it could happen pretty fast. League spokesperson Brian McCarthy had this to say,

“Any potential transaction would have to be presented to the NFL Finance Committee for review and require an affirmative vote by three-quarters of the full membership.” 

Mrs. Knowles-Lawson isn’t the only celeb that thinks Jay-Z would make a great NFL owner. Both Mark Cuban and Shannon Sharpe that they, too, believed the New York rapper would be a great NFL leader.


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Authored by: Monique Nicole